Thursday, May 31, 2007


I have lived in 5 Canadian Provinces in my lifetime (my Dad was in the Air Force). But, only in Ontario have I seen sooooo many squirrels. They are EVERYWHERE!! It's true that the squirrels look kinda cute. Let me tell you, their looks are deceiving. They are such pests!! This morning Whit (dog) and I chased out a grey squirrel out of the garden. Then we discovered that it had broken off 2 of my Zinnia flowers-snapped stems and roots dug out. Grrrr....
Does anyone know what I can do to keep them away from my flowers? I have heard of one suggestion. That is to add "Bone and Blood Meal" to the soil. I better get that TODAY or the pests may take over!!

Update: I am feeling a bit better now. I biked to the nearest garden center. I bought some "Blood Meal" and have added all through out my garden. I also got 4 Zinnia's. Those squirrels better stay away!

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Holly said...

I have a suggestion to add from my friend Magda. She suggested that next year, I lay chicken wire down and then cover it lightly with soil (so it doesn't show). Then the squirrles would not be able to dig. Sounds like quite a bit of work but may be what I need to do. Wouldn't stop them from breaking my flowers though...

Tamatha said... wonders if that is what got my pepper plant....and my strawberry that was growing!!