Friday, June 08, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

Spent the day doing a few of my favorite things...gardening and spending time with Jenny. Phew! We worked hard in that hot sun. Sure looks great though. I will have to take some pictures of her garden...for now though, I will post a pic. from my own!


Jen said...

Holly....My personal horticulturalist!


I like my yard again....and went out (when it was cooler), last night, and got almost all of the new perenials in the ground.
Now, I am hoping to get mulch and a bit of color!
I am very encouraged....thanks for the greean thumb!!!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful picture Holly - you are becoming quite the photographer!

Nana Cheryl said...

beautiful flowers (love pansies) beautiful time of year. :o) Everyone must be outside, not many spending time on the blogs these days!! So happy for you that you have a place for gardens now. :o)

Shari said...

Is this a pic of your garden? I will have to check out Jen's gardens. I NEED to finish my new section of garden and have it decent looking for the 23rd. I will wait till later when the sun is not so hot.

Holly said...

Yes, this is a photo that I took of my flowers. I have a few pots of Pansies and a pink geranium near my door.

Jen's gardens are looking really nice and she isn't even finished yet. She has some really nice plants and very rich soil. I told her that she was lucky to have such great dirt! lol

I was going to share some zinnia's with you but I have killed almost all of them! All the zinnias that I started indoors have died. I planted some directly in the outdoor soil and they are doing well but are slow growing so far.

Looking forward to seeing your garden...!

Shari said...


I started some seeds in a couple of weeks ago. They can be slow starters BUT Look out they will grow like crazy - I Love them!!