Monday, July 09, 2007

I Love Bags!

I saw this today on one of my fav. crafty type blogs: Craftzine. Link! It is originally posted (and the bag designed by) Mizutamago. Link!

As soon as I have sewed a hem on
Amy's curtains (I am sooooo sorry it is taking me so long, Amy!) I am sewing up this great treasure.

Mizutamago used
Amy Butler Fabric for this and vintage fabric for the liner. (See Shaun's blog for his post on AmyButler designs and fabrics.)


Amy said...

I can't believe how many times you have typed "amy" in here...awesome!! lol..
No worries on those curtains, I'm just grateful you can do them!!
I'm digging the bag too!!

Teena said...

umm...make a little $ on the side?

Shari said...

Hum so you make curtains for a worship leaders about your pastor's wife? (just kidding - maybe)

Holly said...

ha! For the record, I am only hemming curtains for Amy. I also left out that I have taken about 3 months for the simple job and am still not finished!!!! (What ever happened to "Get 'er done"!!?) lol

If I get to this bag it will be sewing in the fall...and I will let ya'll know how it goes...You may not want one made by me, Shari! ;o)