Monday, August 27, 2007

Buttons and my life

Who knew taking pictures of buttons could be so fun?! I would still be outside taking more pictures...but the camera battery is too low. Ha!

Meanwhile, I have been nursing a puffy hurts! Seems to be getting better though so am hoping to avoid a trip to the Dr. Tirzah is seeing the Dr. this evening as she has been having chest pains. Hopefully, it's nothing, but we wanted to get it checked out. (Update on Tirzah. She is OK. She has pulled muscles on her breast bone and rib cage from her hard coughing...she will get better on her puffers and some pain killer.)

We took a bike ride to Josiah's new school this afternoon. He found out who his teacher is and saw his class list. He got the teacher that he wanted and the kid's that he was praying would be in his class are. Yeah! I love the answered prayers of my kids! Tomorrow, we will bike to Tirzah's school and find out all the details. Seems like Summer is winding down...hard to believe that one week from tomorrow the kids will be back in School. How quiet that first day will be. It will be bitter sweet.

(picture taken with the macro lens of some buttons from Europe)


Rhonda said...

I absolutely love the answered prayers of my children. That in itself is a blessing to us as parents; to have God give our children such a faith-builder. Bless your family. And Lord, please heal Tirzah.

Nana Cheryl said...

God cares about even the little details. :o) Praying for Tirzah & you.♥