Friday, September 14, 2007


Colour. Love it. Love it. Love it! I don't think I could live in a world that was black and white. Well, maybe I could but I sure wouldn't want to!

Shaun. I adore him. He makes me want to be better. Kinder. Wiser. Some people bring out the best in us. He does that to me.

New jeans. Flared legs. Dark denim. My favorite kind.

Supplies ordered. We now have 50 cards, envelopes, double sided tape and clear sleeves on the way to our house. Stationary featuring our photography coming soon. Gulp. Trying to be brave and risking failure.

(image of fabric from the Netherlands and 3 lovely oranges)


Jon Mills said...

Shaun is a good friend he does bring out the best in people.

It's one of his fine qualities.

Hey by the way, nice oranges ;)

Jen said...


I want to preorder some of your note cards! Seriously, I am collecting blank note cards that I can use with my blown glass pen. I'd like some Fallish ones and bright color ones if you are doing them.
Let me know when they will be ready and I'll decide how many I can do right away.

Love the oranges!

Holly said...
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Holly said...
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Holly said...
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Amy said...

great pic!!
I need new of my old ones fit!! Soon....very soon!!


P.s. How do you go about ordering these cards??

Holly said...

Really good sales on at Old Navy. The jeans I got were only $20.
You want some cards...just email me and let me know what you like and how many! ;o)

Amy said...

Thanks HOlly...but I don't buy new clothes until I'm down to my goal size...kind of an incentive to get there, and not get content...I have a LOT of jeans that I just can't fit I want to wear them!!!

Anonymous said...

You WILL NOT fail. There is no doubt in my mind that you will do well at this.
This is a gift from God and you are flowing in your strengths, enjoy it, and watch the blessings follow it.

love you and I believe in you!!!