Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am home today taking care of my daughter who is under the weather. We watched Sense and Sensibility (the movie) together this morning. Tirzah wondered why I cried through most of it. I am not sure if I had a good explanation for her or not. Actually, I can't remember what I even told her! I should blame it on my own mother...another tender soul who sobbed when reading my sister and I, the story; Charlotte's Web.


Roxanne said...

Funny you should mention the story "Charlotte's Web". I just thought of that story today.
Hope Tirzah is feeling better.

Jen said...

I for one love your tender heart, hope Tirzah is feeling well.
We have all been fighting stuff here too. I am thankful that I can actually go to bed and sleep off this thing, now that everyone is at school.

Amy said...

We seem to have it as well...not full blown, but def. a bug going around! Hope Tirzah feels better soon...Must see Chaarlotte's Web now..!! (& sense & sensibiltiy...never heard of it!)