Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ok, this should be my post where I list the things that I am thankful for. is going to have to wait and I will do it in a day or two.

I have spent the last several hours and most of my afternoon working on (sewing) a Messenger Bag. I have not done this style before and it is taking me such a long time!! I have all the many pieces cut out, pinned, but have yet to sew. That will probably happen on Monday. If I sell this bag, it is going to cost more than all my other purses. Humph! Okay, enough venting...I am sure it will all be worth it when I am finally doing the fun part (sewing it together) and the really fun part: when it finished!

Earlier today, my husband and son (daughter was with her Grandparents) went walking downtown for an hour or so. We were passing out brochures that advertise the Art Show we(with our friend Magda), are having next Saturday. It was neat to talk to so many of the store/restaurant owners, as they were all friendly and positive about the Arts and supporting local Artists. One place told us we could hang our art in his store. BUT (yes, that is a huge "but"), it would cost $25. a month to hang it and we would have to give him a 30% commission!!!!! We were polite to him, but people...that is a horrible deal for the artist!!! I have never heard of a change to hang and 30% commission fee is the highest I have heard of as well. So, we will pass on that one!

Time to relax now. Shaun is just wrapping up his work (designing a CD cover for a local singer). Now for a nice chilled glass of wine....ahhh!

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Jon said...

Hey, I hope the Art Show goes really well.

Takes lots of photos of the day and post them up so we can see.

Peace and Bless you Guys