Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The leaves are just beginning to change colours here in our beautiful country, Canada. I sense that there are changes coming for many of us. Good changes. I have to believe that. God have your way in my life. Help me to be open to the changes that you want to bring.

Another thing that happens in the Fall, is HARVEST TIME. I am looking forward to a ripe harvest...good fruit...blessings from God!


Tamatha said...

Such a great outlook on change....Lord help me to look forward to all that you have in this next season.:o)

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Beautiful! I love autumn, the leaves here in Michigan are still quite green, but soon it will be gorgeous.


Williams Family Blog said...

Thanks Holly,

I am sad that summer is leaving us but I love Fall too. Time for more changes. I just love watching all the beautiful leaves turn colour around me.