Saturday, September 22, 2007

Productive Day

Our daughter had a friend over for the day and our son enjoyed a few hours with his grandparents. That left me with some time to create. I have had this heavy upholstery fabric laying around. I thought it would make a nice purse and it is cool to see it transformed.

I designed the pattern for it, based on a1940's style.

It is lined in an off white cotton and has a pocket in the interior that matches the outer fabric. The brass button (top closure) is one that my mom bought for me and was given to me, just a few weeks ago.

Any thoughts on what you like a purse to have (ie. snap closure)? What about how
much you think a bag like this should sell for?


Anonymous said...

I' d like to see a purse with one small interior pocket for a cell phone and another interior pocket on the other side for lipstick and other girly necessities.
A snap is good, so its not easy for others to see in.
Hmmmm I'd also like the purse to have a funky ring on the strap or hooked into the cell phone pocket to hook my keys........... cause they always fall to the bottom of a purse......... super annoying!
Well there's my 2 cents worth of bag ideas.

Holly said...

Thank you Cheryl, for your feedback! Those are good features.

MarlaQuack said...

Very nice! I love the shape. I also like snap closures. My new favorite thing is a cord to hold keys. I am putting a snap closure on them. What would it sell for? I'd say at least $25 but than I've not sold any online yet.

Holly said...

SOLD! This purse sold for $30. I am pleased!!

MarlaQuack said...