Sunday, October 07, 2007

Art Show: Shaun's creations
& Magda's creations

Shaun busy at work at the Art Show. This piece sold, even before it was completed. (Thanks again to our biggest mom and dad)!

Shaun's medium is usually watercolour. But also does some coloured pencil work and photography.

Magda's medium is Oil and/or Acrylic as well as mixed media.

I enjoyed my day being surrounded by beautiful Art! We didn't sell as much as we had hoped, but are trusting God that divine appointments were made and that we will see some good things happen as a result in the near future.


Jen said...

The Art work is all so beautiful!!!
Such a gifted group.
Don't worry about the sales, one Divine Appt. can be worth more to you than if every piece had sold....that is what I am believing for you all.

Amy said...

I love the one that Shaun is working on....Does he take requests?? (Will you share how much one of those goes for?) I need one for my bathroom..(in green/brown/red)... Let's talk!! lol.

Holly said...

Thanks Amy! Shaun finished that today! I am taking a photo of it and will post it later. I love it too...
I emailed you the details on getting Shaun to do a commission. ;o)
Thanks again!!

Holly said...

Thank you Jenny! We so appreciate your prayers and all your encouragement!!