Monday, October 15, 2007

Butterfly Girl

"...butterfly girl, don't you know you're beautiful by now? Come out of hiding..."

I just got back from a weekend ladies retreat. It was unlike anything that I have been involved in before. Woman were encouraged to dream and to walk out those dreams. We were inspired to explore creativity. There were tables set up with displays featuring: sewing, photography, painting, dance, scrapbooking, needle point, writing and jewelry.

There were some tears as woman grieved over some broken dreams and prayed for courage to dream again. There was lots of laughter too and some silly crazy behavior (karaoke with dress up props). I believe we all left feeling inspired, encouraged and ready to FLY!


Roxanne said...

YES AND AMEN!! Fantastic weekend...can't wait to see all the fruit that will develop as a result.

Rhonda said...

Great post Holly.

Shari said...

What a great overview of our weekend... I for one haven't come down yet. I am getting emails and calls from some of the princesses - We had fun and God sure did a lot!!

Shari said...

Bye the way the artist for Butterfly Girl is Jaylene Johnson - I didn't realize that she's a Christian with an interesting story. I think Cheryl L is going to write a blog about the song - I think break it down line by line.

Holly said...

Thank you Shari for that info. I looked "on-line" and couldn't find the song. I will have to add that to my blog to give her the proper credit for the quote.

Shari said...


did you catch the connection in Cheryl M's blog...posted on Oct 12th - referring to her "dream". Anyhow as you read on it's the night of their concert which is a dream of Cheryl's to do worship in the nations...the name of their worship tour is IMAGINE. How freaky is that. As we are launching our Imagine Retreat on dreams - Cheryl is living her dream through an Imagine Tour.... some connections just continue despite the miles!!!
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