Saturday, October 20, 2007


~lots of spring bulbs paid for by my Mamma (thanks Mom!!)

~my friend got a new PUPPY. She is adorable and we got to see her today! I am not telling you "who" this friend is...she will blog about it soon, I'm sure...

~another friend is safe after a small car accident (hit from behind) on a rainy day. Thank you God for keeping Cheryl safe (and for ANGELS).

~for happy Children. Sigh.

~Hope. Abraham (in the Bible) believed in the impossible because God spoke promises to Him. He held on to God's promise for him and his wife, until it came to pass. I want to be like Abraham...

~my dog. Whit has been having terrible seizures and we have had to look into meds, the costs and decide on what we are willing or unwilling to do. Still all the while praying for him, our beloved little dog. For the past month he has has had ZERO seizures and seems to be very healthy!


Roxanne said...

a great gratitude list

Amy said...

Poor Whit--they become like one of the family, but often budgeting medicine for an animal is hard to justify...Thank God for a great month he's had...may he have many more!!!

Sounds like your mom is similar to mine--always suprising me with gifts! Wow...BLESSED!!!