Friday, October 05, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend (here in Canada)

We have a long weekend coming up...yipie!! Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine---just a close second to my all time favorite (Christmas)!! Not to long ago there was a 10 year span that my parents were in Missions. That means there were 10 thanksgivings that we could not be together. My only sibling (sister; Patty) and her family live in North Carolina, so we haven't been able to share the holidays with them either.

Our Church family always lovingly came to our rescue and I don't think we ever spent a Thanksgiving alone. But, I missed my family. Well, several years ago, my parents left missions and moved to my City. I am happy to be able to share our Thanksgiving day with them now! (Now...if only my sister would make the trip up....)

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Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving Miss Holly!

Praying that the art show will be amazing tomorrow