Thursday, November 15, 2007


This has been a busy week. I enjoyed being able to go on a Field Trip with Josiah and his Grade 7 class. I was reminded again what a great boy he is!!! I feel blessed.
I sewed up a bag using a new pattern (see pic of an example), and fabric that was a gift from Amy. I am pleased with it and will post pictures of the bag soon. The outer fabric is an aqua blue and I think it will be a great Spring and Summer purse.
Today, I am cleaning, baking and sewing. It sure is a busy time...but oh how I love CHRISTMAS! I was Christmas shopping yesterday with my mom. I got the kids some snowflake and nativity scene window decals. They had fun putting them up when they got home from School. Another thing that I should do today is find all our Christmas music.....


Jen said...

I am so captured by Christmas this year and wanting to celebrate to the fullest. I am actually having to slow myself down a bit, so i am not ready too early....then it would be like when i was a child and couldn't sleep all night waiting....i must save some things to keep me busy later too!!!!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....!!!!
Love the new pattern Holly

Anonymous said...

sounds like you've been busy and having fun!! Wish I could stop by for some tea and your baking!!!