Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Favorites Here are our favorite decorations. Tirzah loves her cheery little angel. We gave it to her in her stocking a few years ago.

My favorite decoration is the little love birds nesting on the heart. That was Christmas 1993...our fist Christmas as a married couple!

Josiah's favorite is a cute snowman. This is his own now, thanks to another stocking stuffer treat a few years ago.

Shaun's favorite is a fancy horse, that I gave to him many years ago, before the kids were born. Lots of good memories and many more to be made!!


redeemed diva said...

I love these sots.The magic of Christmas is so much about the family memories. I can't wait for Dec.8 when we decorate our tree. That's how my family celebrates Pikku Joulaa-Little Christmas-a Finnish tradition. And every time we take out the ornaments it is a trip down memory lane.

Shari said...

We put our trees up already in preparation for the youth party on Thursday evening (it was the canceled due to weather)

I won't do my shopping for several weeks yet.

We LOVE Christmas and all the extras that come with it, including the decorations.

Jen said...

My favorite part of decorating the tree is remembering the meaning behind each. I have inherited decorations from my mom, my grandparents and even my great, I love unpacking and remembering each one...I get to do it tomorrow!!!!

Jessie said...

Very creative to share your favorite ornaments. I enjoyed reading about and viewing them.