Monday, December 10, 2007

15 Days

The Christmas Countdown continues...only 15 more days! We had all the gifts under the tree but do to a "sneaky-peeky gene", that seems to have been passed on to our son, all the gifts have been taken back up to our bedroom. They will stay in hiding until a few days before Christmas. (Ok, I admit it, I am the one who has passed down that pesky gene! Did any one else sneak peeks at gifts under the tree when they were kids?)

I made the Oreo Truffles . We had lots of company over on the weekend and everyone seemed to love them (myself included)!

Tirzah home from school today with an eye infection. She is happily playing outside at the moment though and enjoying the milder temperature and loving the snow.

Today is report card day. (Although, we will have to wait to get Tirzah's). The kids are thinking that we will be impressed with their work and will take them to the Movies this Christmas Holiday to see "National Treasure 2 (The Book of Secrets).

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Tamatha said...

I didn't have to peek at them under the tree cause I already knew what most of them were. My Mom would tell my brother what I was getting...and tell me what he was getting...and then we would swap One year...I didn't believe he dragged me into Mom's room and showed