Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mom's can brag, right?

School has NOT always been a happy place for Josiah. He has persevered, we have tried to encourage him and more then anything we have all prayed LOTS! Josiah changed Schools this fall to attend Grade 7. Last evening we had the pleasure of having a parent teacher meeting with his teacher. We felt so blessed and proud of all the wonderful things that his teacher said. I am going to do a little brag list of some of the things that she told us:

  • Josiah is a hard worker
  • He encourages everyone and is a breath of fresh air
  • He is very positive and has great character for a boy his age
  • He loves to be involved
  • He has a great reputation with all the teachers in the school
  • His teacher is thrilled and thankful to have him in her class
  • If there was any kid to not have the "terrible teen years" it would be Josiah
  • Josiah's teacher says that he is special, stands apart from the other kids and really shines!
Now for all those mom's weeping and praying over the trials of their little ones take heart...keep praying...keep speaking words of life and hope...God will bring the changes and you will see your child succeed!! To God be the Glory.


Shari said...

Hum, I never had a teacher say all those things about my first born! LOL

You must be very proud!

Nana Cheryl said...

Congratulations Josiah!!

Yes, Moms are allowed to share the accomplishments and testify of the blessings and favor of God on their kids!! I do too. :o)

redeemed diva said...

That's awesome and definitely worth bragging about. Your kids come from a home of love--obviously this teacher can tell.

Roxanne said...

Way to go Josiah! Way to go Mom & Dad! Brag on!!

Amy said...

Oh yes-- mom's can brag!!! Great report Josiah!!!

Jen said...


That is Awesome!
I know there was a time that you would not have expected that glowing report...prayer absolutely changes's NEVER too late to pray!!!!