Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Healthy Family

This has been week 2 of having sick kids at home with me. The seem to be taking turns and catching one "bug" after the other. UGH!! I do like the extra time that it gives me with the kids. They are really growing up.

Josiah is so tall now, I know it won't be much longer before he is towering over us. He has started cooking more and is happy to be left in charge taking care of his sister while we go out or even happy to stay home all alone. I know some kids are ready to do this at an earlier age but Josiah has always been so cautious and not in a hurry to be independent. As he turns 13, in less than a month it is so good to see that he is speedily becoming more confident. Realizing that he is actually very capable of doing things himself and doesn't need mom to everything for him!

Tirzah is changing too. She has become increasingly interested in fashion. No more wearing gym pants everyday! She doesn't play with Barbies anymore (actually, she hasn't for over a year now). I am happy that the baby dolls are still in her closet but I can't remember the last time she played with them. I guess they will be the next to go... Her room keeps changing it's look and when you walk into it, it looks more like the room of a young lady. Gulp!!

God is so good to prepare us gently as our children grow up. I can remember way back when, wondering how I would ever be able to let the kid's play outside in the yard with out being right there with them. We learn to let go gradually and I am thankful for that. We are blessed with great kids. Perfect? No, but they are the perfect kids for me! I pray that we as their parents can be their best cheerleaders and help encourage them to dream life dreams, comfort them when there is disappointment but also celebrate with them as they achieve many of them. Heres to our children...CHEERS!


Jen said...

I love the phrase that "we might not have the perfect kids, but we have the perfect kids for us".

What an eye opener...our kids are not just in our lives for us to raise the perfect kids and pat ourselves on the back when it is all said and done....they are there to shape and mold US as well.

Great job Holly

Shari said...

Treasure the moments all too quickly they turn into years.

Williams Family Blog said...

It is true, they grow up way too fast. Even Kira was telling me at lunch today how she will go to kindergarten soon and in the same breathe she said, "Mommy, you be alright".
Maybe we will get out the baby dolls after her nap today...

Tamatha said...

Wow...13 so soon!:o)