Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Downhere song

This is for a Friend. God has not forgotten you.

Protest to Praise

I knew the times would come and now the times have landed
With stinging abrasion As ready as I seem to be
It's never like I planned it, yeah

I'm wrestling my thoughts I'm overcome
Would you give me up I'm asking Lord
There's no where I sense Your presence here
So I will cry out, until I go

From Protest to praise
You're always amazing me
You're changing me slow, but surely
And You're gonna see me to the end

How long will I be forgotten by You forever
You're not making sense here
Seems like eternity has made a home between us, yeah

You're changing me slow
I just can't help but see it that way
Cuz You're gonna see me to the end


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Roxanne said...

"So I will cry out, until I go from protest to praise."..great word...pressing/pushing through with praise.