Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a great kid! This has probably been Josiah's happiest year and is so enjoying being 13.

His "look" is about to change. He has new glasses on the way and starts Ortho. this week. In a few days he is getting a "lip bumper" for his bottom teeth and a removable retainer for the top set. Eventually, he will get a few braces.

I am working on a chore list for the kids to do each day (since Summer is coming). The kids will start to get a regular allowance. If anyone wants to share their stories re. what they have done with their Children with chores and also a weekly allowance, please leave me a comment.




Mona said...

There's that smile
We've missed it.
Great photos tell that big kid of yours grandmo says Hi!

Shari said...

glasses - ortho.... I see dollar signs in your future!! We just finished Amanda's braces. We are so blessed though - many parents around the world struggle to even feed their children while we are able to do the "extras". We are truly wealthy people!!!

Amy said...

My parents loved braces or teeth work!@!!! lol I was a glorious child!! lol

I don't give allowance yet. Still working through that one. I know people who do it for regular every day chores, and I've also heard of giving specific amounts of money for "extras" that aren't necessarily a kids responsibility (weeding) and then if they want the money, they'll weed, if not, they don't get the money. They get to choose. I'm not sure what we'll do...let me know what you decide...very interested. May help me out some. (as you can tell, I'm on the fence!!)

Shaun and Holly said...



Shaun and Holly said...



Jen said...

We kind of do what Amy suggested...there are certain things the kids have to help out with that are just part of being in the family, (no allowance for these, there are enough 'extras' handed out to make up for that)....others, like washing mirrors, baseboards, windows, mowing the lawn...these things have a financial incentive attached...the kids go through stages of working hard and not so much, but even Jianna will ask if there is a job she can do to make a loonie or toonie....depends on what she has her eye set on, or how much she has saved.
Nice pictures of Josiah.