Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teeth News, Running Like the Wind and Shopping!

Well, Josiah has officially begun his Orthodontic (??) treatment. This morning he got 2 little rubber spacers put in and next week he will get fitted for his lip bumper and his upper retainer. When those 2 appliances have done their job, he will be getting a few braces on the top and bottom. He is quite excited about all the fuss and I am grateful that he has such a cooperative attitude. The only thing that doesn't excite him is the lack of candy, sticky and hard foods that he will be unable to eat for a year or two!

Tirzah is at the District Track meet today. Her third and finial meet. She is hoping to make it at least third place this year (last year she placed 4th out of 15 girls). She was nervous about her big race last night. I reminded her not to worry and to remember that she could "run like the wind". Running brings Tirzah joy so we love seeing her excel in this.

In honor of Fathers Day I took Shaun shopping last weekend. Thanks to some great sales at Old Navy, he has some nice new duds!! Seriously, the sales are really great-40% savings. There were some really nice beach towels on for $10. I only bought one but will probably be kicking myself about not buying more when we start doing Beach trips. Oh! I just had a happy thought....BEACHES! I love Summer...

UPDATE: Tirzah isn't happy with her race results, but we are proud of her! She came 11th out of 13. She is pretty bummed about that. Too make matters worse...later that morning she had to call and ask us to come pick her up. A few days ago she had a bad allergic reaction to Sunblock and is still suffering some ill effects. This morning after a joyful roll down a big grassy hill (that was wet), she instantly became covered in itchy hives all over her legs! So home she went and into the tub and took some Benadryl. Then a LONG nap. What a day!


Roxanne said...

I've been told, by our dentist, that all of my children will need braces. I'm thankful for a great medical plan.

Hey, give us the update on Tirzah's race.

We got some great deals at Old Navy for Austen.

Shaun and Holly said...

That is wonderful that you have a great medical plan. We don't BUT we have Grandparents that help us out! ;o)

I added an update on Tirzah's race at the end of my post.

Jen said...

Busy Busy...the wind up before the wind down to summer!

Sorry to hear of Tirzah's reaction...not a very fun way to end her track meet...I bet she did have a very long nap...that Benadryl works, but WOW! it can knock you out!

Vicki said...

Hives seems to be in the air! Savannah has had three breakouts in the last week ... all completely unrelated to the other. The last time was bad enough that I gave her Benedryl, but the other times cleared up with Aveeno Anti-itch lotion. Weird, huh?