Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursdays are now: IT'S REAL LIFE, thanks to a blogger named Jessica.
Here is Jessica's explanation of how to do this!

To participate you simply to take pictures at any given time of some things around your house. The catch is you can't primp, prink or otherwise prepare the area to make it seem better than it is.

Now I know some of you wouldn't have to do that anyway--but that is why it's called "It's Real Life."

Here's your list:
  • curb appeal (yep, a picture of your home from the outside)
  • junk drawer
  • from whence you blog
  • favorite jewelry
  • your best feature
Ok! So here I go:

Curb appeal

The end of July will mark 2 years of living in this little house in the heart of our lovely City.

Junk Drawer

(or in my case, Junk Basket)
Contents: tooth picks, deck of cards, book mark, library card, matches, tweezers, pen , pencil, pin cushion with pins!

From Whence I Blog

I HAD an emac but now have this older model (long story)! But, everything is working great so I am NOT complaining! The little blue bottle is hand cream that Shaun and the kids got me for mothers day. They found a seller at the Farmers Market that makes lotions and soaps. I really love the cream and I think it has helped my nails grow.

Favorite Jewelry

My wedding rings. They are about 15 years old now. I got to choose them and I still remember how much fun it was to show Shaun the rings that I liked!!

My Best Feature

I decided to go with my eyes. But then looking at this pic, I think that I like my freckles!! lol


elexisb said...

Way too organized junk basket! I feel awful about myself - haha!

Shaun and Holly said...

Truth be told, that junk basket was just organized the day before!!

Joy said...

Your ring is so cute!!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Sweet house! And I love your freckles too--your eyes are beautiful.

Whittaker is a great name for a dog!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I also meant to also say I was so glad to meet you and that you could come over and play!

Amy said...

eyes, ofcourse, gorgeous!
Love the junk basket!! lol...ofcourse I would!!

Shannon said...

What a cute house, I like it! Your eyes AND freckles are beautiful. And I'm loving that picture of your dog, he is a sweetie . . . I'm such a dog lover!

Apple Joos said...

I picked my eyes, too, and when I looked at the picture, I thought "Awww, I've got some awfully cute freckles!"

Laura said...

What beautiful blue eyes!!

Rhonda said...

Hmmm - I really like your freckles too!!!!! Reminds of your beautiful Tirzah - now I know where she gets them from! :)