Friday, July 04, 2008

I am a day late with this but...better late then NEVER! Today's real life is all about "where the magic happens"-the bedroom!

This is my dresser. On it are a few pics some decorations and a jewelery box, that my dad made and gave me for Christmas many years ago.

This is Shaun's dresser with a pic of me on it and a candle too. We got our bedroom furniture set in PEI (Canada) at an Auction. We were engaged and just months away from our wedding when we got it. Exciting times!!

The bed. Not a good picture but...well at least you get to see that the bed isn't made and we have blue sheets on this week. Oh, there is also clean folded laundry on it AND a little girl having a rest!

The view out of the bedroom window.

Night stand...lamp, clock and a candle. Oh and some earrings!

What's under the bed? Well...nothing. We broke the bed last time we moved the furniture around (seriously!) so the box spring and mattress are right on the floor. We actually are liking it that low to the ground and are thinking about getting a platform style bed. I will show you what is under Shaun's dresser instead: my shoes and 1 slipper (that my mom knit)!

What I like about our bedroom.
I love the furniture and the bedding.

What I don't like about our bedroom.
It seems dark to me. I would like to paint the ceiling white ( right now,it is light green, like the walls).

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gina said...

What a treasure to have something handmade from your dad!

ps. I love your descriptions of your kids in your sidebar!

Amy said...

Oh sure....broke it moving...whatever!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Cute bedroom! Don't all littles love their mom & dad's bed best?

Picking out furniture together...awww those were the days.