Monday, July 28, 2008


Our whole family enjoy going to a conservation area (about 40 minute drive). The Moria River flows through it. There are beautiful slabs of limestone with water running along the top of it. In some spots the water moves very fast.

We took a trip out to our usual spot this past weekend. There has been lots of rain so the water was higher than usual. The kids had fun swimming in an area where the water was still. Eventually, hand in hand we ventured out walking closer to the "bubbly" part of the water. Sometimes you can find little nooks in the rocks. The kids sit in them and the water beats against their backs like a massage.

One minute Tirzah is swimming and laughing, the next she is screaming with fear as the wild rapids carry her away from us. Horror. It felt like forever but I am sure it was within seconds that Daddy rescues his little one. Scraped, a bit bruised but mostly shaken she finds comfort being held up in his arms.

All this was (is!) so sobering to Shaun and I. This story could have so easily had a tragic ending. We are so thankful for God's protection. Very, very grateful!


Jen said...

Not something any parent or child wants to have to experience!
So glad our Heavenly Father had Shaun's strong arms nearby to rescue his girl.

I hope this did not ruin an otherwise lovely day.

Patty said...

I'm glad Tirzah is OK - very scary! This is a real problem - the same thing happened to some friends of ours & they were actually quite injured.

Amy said...


I felt that last September when I couldn't find my baby (Isaiah) for over 1/2 an hour.

Thank you God for your protection!!!

redeemed diva said...

Wow! I'm glad everything ended well. Thank you God for protection, and for Daddy's who rescue us!

Tamatha said...

Man...what a scary time that would have been!