Saturday, August 23, 2008

I read this on CNN news this morning. I love, love, love, LIFE and my heart beats faster and louder when I read story after story of how God protects life, with his creative miracles!

Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say...

(CNN) -- A dog sheltered a newborn baby abandoned by its 14-year-old mother in a field in rural Argentina until the boy was rescued, a doctor said Friday.

The abandoned infant was found in a field with this dog and her newborn puppies.

The abandoned infant was found in a field with this dog and her newborn puppies.

A resident of a rural area outside La Plata called police late Wednesday night to say that he had heard the baby crying in a field behind his house.

The man went outside and found the infant lying beside the dog and its six newborn puppies, Daniel Salcedo, chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires, told CNN.

The temperature was a chilly 37 degrees, Salcedo said.

The dog had apparently carried the baby some 50 meters from where his mother had abandoned him to where the puppies were huddled, police said.

"She took it like a puppy and rescued it," Salcedo said. "The doctors told us if she hadn't done this, he would have died."

"The dog is a hero to us."

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Mona said...

this story brings back a story of my own that happened at Easter.
A woman came in and shopped for easter stuff. Good shopper good experience with her No issues at all. At the end of the transaction I wished her a Happy Easter to which she replied Oh ya I can say that back after all it's about the Bunny.
I then said I am sure God would love to hear that.
She asked if I really believed in that "Crap"
I said absolutely
I asked her if she believed in anything she said her Dog because
He was Loyal
He loved her even when she got mad at him
He missed her when she was gone
He protected her when she was afraid
and no matter what mood she was in He loved her unconditionally
To which I replied.
"Spell doG Backwards"

I believe God is around us even when we can't see Him or do we and are just not aware.
Praise God in the highest for protecting this beautiful child.

Rhonda said...

That is an amazing story. Hard to imagine a dog being able to do that.