Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1st Day of School

The kids were BOTH happy and excited to go back to School today. Thanks all who have been praying for Tirzah. She has had a more positive attitude. Keep praying! I will keep you all posted.

Tirzah's 1st day of Grade 6!

Josiah's 1st day of Grade 8!


Patty said...

Hope the day goes GREAT!!!!

Jen said...

So glad to hear (and see) that Tirzah was feeling more confident about her year...let us know how it went.

Great pictures of both kids.

Mona said...

They Look soo Happy.
I hope their day was as great as the expressions on their faces. I noticed Tirzahs butterfly top.
That's her, a beautiful butterfly breaking out of her caccoon in her new class. She is going to spread her wings and soar amongst new friends in her class.

Shari said...

From the looks in these pictures... they both look happy and confident!!

Shari said...

Six years ago on my kids first day at the new school - I struggled to keep myself together.
While walking down the halls that first day, I kept making excuses to stop and "check out" items on bulletin boards etc.... I was trying to hide my tears from Amanda. It was a tough year for Amanda but she's since admitted that facing Grade 8 in a new school developed courage in her to try other new things.