Friday, September 19, 2008


I am in the mood to make some pickled beets. Maybe some mustard Pickles too. Yum! Does anyone know where to get the jars for a really great price? Or maybe they are always around the same price at all the stores. I thought I would be cleaver and get them from a Second Hand Store. But when I asked them if they had any they told me they were all sold out. AND that I was the 5th person that has asked about them in just 2 days. So...I guess I am not the only one that wants to do some canning....

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Shari said...

I use to buy mine at Canadian Tire.

My Mom use to do TONS of canning... fruits, veggies and even moose and deer meat. Looking back I wonder when the woman slept - she worked full time as a nurse, did book work for my Dad, did amazing sewing, loved to do canning and gardening, took major roles of leadership in our church, and took night school courses. I definitely don't have the energy my Mother did!!