Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peppers on my Table

Just sitting on the table in some major sunbeams waiting to be cut up. I thought that they looked so pretty....yes, pretty!


Rhonda said...

They do look pretty. But part of the reason they do is because of your superb photography skill. :)

Shaun and Holly said...

I'm blushing!!!! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!! Love the tones.

Jen said...

See Holly! This is why we love you.
I, being not nearly as creative as yourself, would see the peppers on my table and see one of a few things:
-"darn! I still haven't put those blasted peppers away"
-"I really should get those peppers chopped up"
_"more clutter on my table!!!"
-"Hmmmm Holly would find something beautiful about these...wonder what it would be"

You are AWESOME, we could all learn from you...and they ARE very lovely, when experienced through your lens.

Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks Cheryl and Jenny!
Shaun says that he may try and do a painting of these peppers. ;o)