Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have 2 sunflowers blooming and 4-5 more on the way. They are really tall, some over 6 feet! This shot was taken with the Macro feature on the digital camera.


Amy said...

Cool shot. I wonder if my camera has the Macro feature?

Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks Amy. It's not the greatest camera but it's decent.
You will have to get out that fat manual to read and find out how to, on your new camera.

My dad is coming home (they have been in NC) with a new Nikon D40. He is pretty excited!!!


Shari said...

This is such a neat shot. I use to plant the "sunset" variety of sunflowers... they are gorgeous and very unique!

Jen said...


I really must plant sun flowers next year....I understand they are pretty hard to kill and they remind me of childhood and summer. My sister and I had them peeking in our bedroom window when we were quite little.
I am going to the market on Sat.
Think they would have some for sale? They'd be so much fun to have in the house!!!
OHHH can't wait now, even better than fresh produce!

Mona said...

Holly Great shot
I love my macro button.
The Holly flower has a name it is an astilbe aka false goats beard aka meadow sweet.
However I am not partial to those names so it will always be called the Holly Flower whenever I see one.