Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christmas Goodies

1 c. soft butter (must be butter)
3 c. powdered sugar
3 c. coconut
2 T. milk
2 tsp.vanilla
36 maraschino cherries (approximately)
graham cracker crumbs
Drain cherries and pat as dry as possible.

Combine everything except the cherries and graham cracker crumbs.

Roll a small amount of batter around each cherry until it is completely covered. Roll in graham cracker crumbs (will be soft).

Place on cookie sheet and put in fridge until firm, then put in covered container.

These must be stored in fridge; they also freeze well.


Jen said...

We made these one year at school, I think grade 5 or 6.
They soon became a Christmas tradition. In my book of family recipes, that my mom made for me years ago, she wrote where each recipe came from.
other wise, I might not have remembered this.

I don't believe I have actually made them since I was a teen though, can't wait to have them be part of our Christmas again...just hope at least some of the kids like them!!!
Holly, I think i'd like to have my baking for the first week of Dec. if that works for you.
If they are here too, soon, my kiddies will have them gone when I go to use them for entertaining!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

Neat to hear about one of your Christmas traditions!

Shaun was the one that introduced (ha!) me to these treats. I believe it was his Nanny that made them. I think they are delicious and so pretty! Josiah loves them too.
I love how they freeze and keep so well for such a long time.

Early Dec will be fine! I will have them ready for you. ;o)I bet they will go fast....