Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have FUN!!

Tirzah had a Girls Only night last weekend with her Youth Group. There were about 20 girls for the sleepover (at a leaders house) and lots of grown up helpers too. The girls got totally pampered ALL NIGHT LONG!

Tirzah got a foot spa, a facial, hand massage, manicure, and her hair and make up done as well!! Her favorite was hair and nails...see the cute little pic to the left.

The girls partied until 4:15 and had a few hours of sleep before the parents all come to take them home again. Tirzah was in bed again after lunch and slept until Suppertime.


Mona said...

Her nails look great!
Do you have any pics of her hair.
I am glad you had an awsome time

Shaun and Holly said...

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of Tirzah's fancy hair. She told me about it and it sounds like it was lovely: curled, then pulled back in 6 little sections at the top, with little clips so it looked like she was wearing a crown.

Shari said...

I protest... why, when I was a youth we had work bees... not pampering nights... Tirzah I'm thinking green right now! lol

Jen said...

Sounds like Tirzah had a great time, is she making lots of friends?

Shaun and Holly said...

Yes, she is making friends...she told me that she made 5 new friends! ;o)