Monday, October 06, 2008

Terrific Read

For some reason it jumped out at me on my last visit to the Public Library, so I brought it home...

I am in the middle of reading a deeply touching book by writer: Tim Madigan called I'm proud of you; My friendship with Fred Rogers". Here is the description found on the back of the book:

The true story of one Man's spiritually transforming friendship with children's television icon, Fred Rogers. "Reveals in a gentle and powerful way how one person can make a difference. Fred Rogers took the time out to share the most powerful gift we can give another, our unconditional love. Hopefully, this book will stimulate others to reach out without judgments, to give our peace and unconditional love to everyone we meet."
Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D.

"A book to treasure, something very special, and a testament to human love that the late Mr. Rogers would indeed be proud off...a truly insiring book!
" Michael Gurian

Anyway, i definitly recommend you get a hold of this book. It is moving me to tears and inspiring me to love more with out limits.


Patty said...

Thanks for the tip Holly. Sounds really good.

Jen said...

Mr Rogers and Mr Dress Up were my two favorite shows as a little kid, sounds like a great book

Shaun and Holly said...

He was a VERY special man!!!!! The writer of this story didn't have a very good experience with his own father. When he did an article on Mr Rogers they became friends (even though Mr Rogers was old enough to be his father) and the book talks about their friendship. Basically, Mr. Rogers mentored this man. Anyway the story is really well written and very moving.


Katy said...

It sounds awesome! Thank you for the reccommendation! :)

Tamatha said...

Wow! I have been missing out on SO many good things! I never want to not keep up on your blog again!