Friday, November 21, 2008

I am Thankful

~my husband enjoys baking with me. I love it! Things get made twice as fast. This year I am doing extra Christmas baking so this is a real blessing. Not to mention that we get to spend the time together.

~I have a few REALLY great friends. They know some secrets about me. They also know lots of silly and unimportant things about me like I love cooking but hate cleaning or that I just have to drink my coffee in which ever mug is my favorite at that moment, because it just is so much more enjoyable that way. I am blessed to know some of their secrets (as well as some silly things) and I am thankful. Surface relationships are ok, but real, true and deep relationships are the best!

~I have been laughing more and find myself smiling for no apparent reason. I like being happy. Having just come out of a "season" of much heaviness and feeling so very sober, day in and day out, this new season is such a breath of fresh air and came-just in time! I am breathing deeply. I am thankful for this season of joy.

~A new friend recently blessed me with a whole new wardrobe. Some of the things still have the price tags on and had not even been worn! Almost everything fit perfectly. Honestly, I have not ever had so many clothes and they have never been this nice. This friend has great taste and because she is a hair stylist all her clothes are trendy and classy. I am so thankful that she was so generous to me. I feel lavished on!

~ God is always relevant. I love my God and am so thankful that He is always the answer. In a sometimes very sad and dark world, I am glad that I can let my light shine. And share His hope...


Anonymous said...

Its good to reflect on the good things in our lives and the lovely things... way to go.

Jenna Dowling said...

WOW - even I smiled at the new wardrobe blessing, that's so great! Amanda Dowling and I have very similar taste in clothes, and always have fun exchanging for something new, it's so much fun to share clothes!

Shari said...

New clothes are always great!

Jen said...

So glad to hear about the "new to you" clothes, what great timing, right before Christmas...I am so excited for you!!!! Merry Early Christmas!!!!

Yes, I am back, but have been up since 5 and have been downloading with my kids for about 5 hours...they all had terrific weeks and lots to tell, plus our stories for them.
Unfortunately, the more tired I get, the more I feel like I am on the boat again....we had a few days of being tossed around a bit...have not quite lost me sea legs, so better get to my bed. I will catch up (and maybe even get to blog like my speedy friend Rhonda), tomorrow!
Glad to be back...ONE MONTH TO CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!