Monday, January 12, 2009

BAD News...

Over the past week I have heard quite a lot of BAD news. (None of it has to do with my worries there.) The kind of news that takes your breath away. Tragic enough to break even a stony heart. I have been overwhelmed with the "ick" of life that some people are going through. Learning the balance of being a compassionate friend but still having joy, remembering my blessings isn't always a "natural" thing for me.

Balance. I want that in my life.

And, as a dear friend of mine reminded me...all the more reason for us to let our light shine (which we can do with God's help). The world (and yes, Christians too) need HOPE.

Life is sure full of wonder we all need vacations!


Jen said...

Keep Shining Holly, and not only count your blessings, but continue to protect every one of them in the Spirit realm.
God is still very good and very faithful, to every one of us.

Amy said...

I'm sorry Holly. I know how that feels. The end of 2008 seemd like that for me..(hence the needed vacation!!).
I will be praying for peace.