Friday, January 16, 2009


I have been enjoying going through some old pics and attempting to take digital photos on them, so I can save them all on a disk. It has been great too see some old family pictures and lots of the kids when they were little. This one is a picture of me when I was 10 years old (Grade 5)

I have added a picture of Tirzah underneath m
ine so you can compair. And not to leave Josiah out...his picture (age 10) will be under Tirzah's!


Jen said...

I can see a lot of Tirzah in your expression and eyes.

Mr. Williams said...

Wow, now you need to put a picture of Tirzah beside it and I think the similarities will be amazing.

Cheryl said...

She's got your freckles and he has your eyes!!

Roxanne said...

Great smiles!