Friday, January 02, 2009

Our 2008

What a year it was. Full of highs and lows. 2008 found us discouraged, hopeless and we had to let some dreams die, sometimes feeling...well...crushed. On the swing side, 2008 also found us full of joy, strength restored and a new chapter begun. Bitter sweet.


I am prayerfully considering this brand new year. My husband keeps thinking about the word "abundance". Abundance is defined as:
great or plentiful amount, fullness to overflowing, affluence; wealth, much, plenty, heap, lot, prosperity and a sufficiency of life's necessities. I like that word!
The word that I have been thinking about for this new year is "trust" and how it relates to me and my feelings that God will take (great) care of my family and me. I am looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings!


Maureen said...

Happy New Year
May the Lord bless you and your family this year abundantly with the riches of His heart because of your trust in Him

Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks Mo! You are sweet! :)

Happy New Year to you too!!!