Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sick as a Dog?

It's day 2 at home with our dear daughter,who has the Flu . I have heard that gateraid, gingerale, jello, and soda crackers all help comfort the tummy. What does your family do to treat this nasty bug?


Jen said...


Two of mine had it about 2 weeks before Christmas...thankfully, only 2. It is nasty, but they were only 12-24 hours.

I always start them with water and soda crackers in nibbles and sips...and don't progress until they can hold that down.
Gatorade helps restore electrolytes, but it's sweet, so she has to be able to hold some thing down first...also, make sure it is not Powerade, or another, one that doesn't have the might as well feed her KoolAid.

If she's throwing up more than once an hour in the day, and still through the night, I would be looking at some Gravol, to let her sleep at night...they also make a pure ginger now which is non drowsy and non addictive, that might work for her. I only resort to these if I am worried about dehydration or the child not being able to sleep at night because they are throwing up so much.

I will continue to pray for the Miss to get well quickly and that the rest of you would be protected.

Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks Jenny,
Tirzah is not one to usually throw up...and this time is no different. She usually just refuses to eat, and does not like to drink water. Her stomach hurts. Today she has eaten a bit but her tummy still huts a lot. Thanks for the prayer...

Maureen said...

Clear fluids for the first little while. If she doesn't feel like drinking (Freezies) and you can buy electrolite freezies for dehydration.
My DR. told me once that with the flu your tummy is inflamed and thats why we get sick or our tummies hurt. Food and drink hit it and we reject it.
Hope Miss T feels better soon

Shari said...

Gingerale and stir it like crazy to get all the bubbles out of it.

When the kids had the runs my doctor in Lindsay would recommend
The BRAT Diet
Apple Sauce

Shaun and Holly said...

thanks ya'll!