Monday, February 23, 2009


I purchased some seeds today.
3 kids of herbs: Sage, Parsley, and Basil lemon. Shaun and I have been wanting to plant some herbs and grow them in little pots on one of our sunny Kitchen window sills.

2 Flower varieties: Trailing Purple Wave Petunia and Thunbergia Vine (Black-Eyed Susan Climbing Vine). Both of these will be started indoors and eventually will make their way outside to the Flower Garden in mid Spring.


Nana Cheryl said...

Spring is coming!! Is it time to plant seeds inside now? I haven't tried it before.

I had a Black-Eyed Susan Climbing Vine last year and LOVED IT!! We had it intertwined with my blue Morning Glories and it was great to see the colours growing together. Have fun!!

PS: Can't wait for spring - my favourite time of year - when everything turns green again. :o)

Shaun and Holly said...

Actually, the Black-eyed susan vine is planted directly outside...I had not rad the package directions properly. But they petunia's are very slow to grow so I will start them by seed inside on my sunny livingroom window sil, this weekend. I also start my snap dragons now as well...they are also slow growers...
It is too early to start anything that grows fast (no no to sunflowers)!
That would have looked pretty to have the blue morning glories with the other Vine growing with it! Have any pictures? My vine is supossed to have whites, yellows and oranges. I am hoping to get all 3 colours. AND I read that it can be a perenial if the Winter isn't too you may get to enjoy it all over again this summer! :)