Monday, February 09, 2009

Thankful thoughts...


~We are enjoying the kids being the ages that they are. They are fun and say the funniest things (when they aren't trying to be funny)!

~music being made in our livingroom (being a musician's wife isn't all bad...If you don't know what I mean by that, just ask the families and they will tell you that sometimes they are the ones to make a lot of the sacrifices, while their beloved is out at a "gig".) It is a joy to be surrounded by music. This is not just my husband either...our daughter is also always singing. I love it!

~Hope. It's been filling my heart and overflowing. Refreshing and lovely!


Jen said...

Great things to be thankful for Miss Happy Doodler.

Amy said...

Great list Holly.

So true, the sacrifices my family makes are more than anyone will know. BUT.... it is so worth the joy of music. Fills our souls.

Bless you!!

Patty said...

Hi Happy Doodle!

Hope you're having a good day at home with Ta. I miss you!!!!!!!!!

Love Patty