Monday, March 23, 2009

Before and After 

What to do the day after March Break, when you have the house all to yourself:

~drink lots of coffee

~read blogs

~practice using new make up (liquid eye liner) HA!

~sort and clean and purge things in desk -and take before and after pictures!


The Hippie Moose said...

Very nice, I am impressed, I should have you over to help with my filing cabinet.... scary!

Amy said...

haha Holly--I'm loving those itsy bitsy shoes on the desk--who in your house wears these?? lol

you know I"m loving the after pics!!

Shaun and Holly said...

Those are a pair of shoes that were Tirzah's when she was a toddler! Karen just returned them before they left for their trip. They are adorable and I am saving them (but they can "stay" in the Garage, rather then the desk)!!