Friday, March 06, 2009

Circle Square Ranch

When I was about 12, I went to "the Ranch" for the 1st time. I ADORED it!! I went back again the next Summer. Then the next 4-5 Summers as Staff. I met many wonderful friends, many that I am still in contact with. Actually, that is where I met my husband! 

Shaun and I decided that our kids were old enough now to have their own "Ranch experience", so with some tax refund money we have them registered to go away (for a whole WEEK) this coming Summer. I think at this point, I am more excited then they are!! 

Here are some of the things they will get to do:

Instructional Programs

5 Level National Horsemanship Program 
Stable Management 
Horse Science 
Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) 
Natural Rock Climbing Wall 
High Ropes 
Arts and Crafts 

Recreational ActivitiesSwimming 
Wake boarding 
Water trampoline / launch 
Beach Volleyball Fishing 
Skate Park 
BMX / Mountain Biking 
Play Park 
Basketball Court Nature Trails 
Snow Games 
Hay rides

Many lakefront activities on Big Clear Lake
Natural Rock Climbing Wall
High Ropes Course
Tree Forts (that you can sleep in) 
Campfire times (in a large Teepee)
Western Town setting
Theme meals & activities
Large playing fields and wooded areas


Nana Cheryl said...

Awesome!! I would have LOVED to been able to attend a summer camp program like this as a child, but I didn't have the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed our very short overnight retreat at the Arden Circle Square Ranch a few years back. It will be a memorable experience for them.

Amy said...

Gotta love tax money!! (I actually didn't have to pay this year..woohoo!)

I'm sure they will both love it--as I'm sure you will too!