Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Because of Jesus I can truely LIVE!


Shaun and Holly said...
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Shaun and Holly said...

This stunning picture was taken a few days ago by my amazingly talented husband. : )

Maureen said...

Happy Easter!
Beautiful photo

Jen said...

Happy Easter!!!!
Ahhhh....PINK...all is well.

redeemed diva said...

Beautiful flower! My daffodils bloomed yesterday.
Yeah, in regards to your question about the emergent church--google-wikipedia has an ok description of it. The meats and the bones of the matter is that it's a movement that has been slowly coming into the Church--it believes that the Bible should be taken seriously, but not literally. It carries a lot of post modern thought and really moves away from the centrality of the Cross and that Christians shouldn't have to take up their cross, live obediently to scripture, etc. Basically, "loose grace"--there's grace for me so I don't have to repent and turn from my sin lifestyle. There's more of an emphasis on the frustration with church today and rather than return to the apostle's teaching, it introduces the idea that God hasn't really called us to be set apart and live holy, but to just live a good life. The audio link that I placed on my site a few days ago is really well done in terms of explaining it. It's definitely something to know about because, again, it's seeping into the church and those who aren't grounded in Scripture...and/or even those hurt by church politics/splits, etc are gravitating towards it because it's a message that tickles the ears.
That's a short answer but I hope that helps.

Rhonda said...

Happy Easter!!!!!!

BEAUTIFUL picture - I love tulips.