Friday, April 03, 2009

Mamma's Proud!

Joe is on a new adventure.

Josiah will be graduating from Grade 8, in just a few months. This picture of him was taken the day he got Grad Photo's done. 

 Over the past few years he has developed a passion for learning and has become quite the acidemic. He especially excells in Math and Science. This has led him to apply to take High School at an advanced level. 

This type of schooling is called; International Baccalaureate:
• Exceptional academic experience
• Unique enrichment
• Develops life-long learning skills
• Fosters global citizens
• Offers advanced standing credits
• Enhances the opportunity for scholarships
• Offers early university acceptance
• International recognition
• World-class education
• Access to IB-trained teachers

As you can see it is very impressive! Well, Josiah has had his 1st interview and is feeling positive about it. We are praying that God would lead us in the path that Joe is to walk in. We feel it could go 2 ways. 1. that he will hate it or 2. that he will love it! 

I'll keep you posted!


Maureen said...

Holly my nephew is in this program and my brother and wife are so impressed with the curriculum.They can't say enough about it.
I will be praying for Josiah that this is the path of education the Lord wants him to take.

Shaun and Holly said...

What Grade is your nephew in? We have heard both positives and negitives about the we (Shaun and I) are quite undecieded. I am so glad that we can ask God for guidiance and even for His will to be done on whether or not Joe even makes it in.
Thanks for your prayers!

Maureen said...

Graeme is in gr.12 this year. They have always spoke highly but what I will do is write them and ask what they thought were the pros and cons.

Jen said...

I would think one of the pluses would be that he would be taking his classes with other kids who are academically minded and not simply goofing off, it might draw him in to a good high school crowd.

Praying for you Josiah, keep us posted.

Maureen said...

Holly this is an email from my sister-inlaw about the IB program hope this helps.


The IB program's benefit is the preparation for University. Students that have received either an IB certificate or diploma are well prepared for the workload in University.

Grades 9 and 10 prepare the students with IB couses. The more students enrolled allows for a larger selection of courses. Grade 11 & 12 IB is the real centre of the program. A Thesis begins in Grade 11 to be concluded spring of grade 12. The IB exams are written and sent abroad for evaluation. 150 hours of volunteering is required between grades 11 & 12 - attainable with projects and school activities.
Now, some kids do drop off but they stay in the program gaining a certificate in single subjects. The upside is the kids themselves - friendships, bonds and respect for each other is remarkable. These kids are the first to join school teams and groups and school councils. Leadership is evident but in a quiet manner. These kids are confident not cocky and generally a ton of fun to be around.

Downside... parents have to watch the stress levels constantly and be aware of their workload.

Holly must determine if Josiah is willing to do this and if it is too much as high school needs to be a fun experience and treasured. Josiah obviously is an excellent student, and if he finds school not that challenging now , then perhaps this is for him. Josiah should also talk to some of the kids in the IB program. This helped Graeme, When he was in grade 9 one of the grade 12 students was really stressed about a French Oral exam and was telling the grade nines about how much sleep he lost and how he was soo stressed - there are always stuents like this. Well Graeme just finished his final grade12 French Oral and is fine. There is an open line of communication with the IB staff. They meet with these kids regularly and they all have a teacher mentor.

He can always step outof the IB program at any time but acceptance is only in grade 9.

Graeme and a few other kids have part time jobs and are still doing well in the program.
We take it a year at a time.

Hope this helps.


Tamatha said...

This sounds similar to what I think my niece will be going to next year..she will be starting it in grade 11 though.