Saturday, May 30, 2009

Check out this Blog post...

...over at Shelia Wray Gregoire's; called What does it mean to pray for Blessing? 

I have been thinking about many of the same things that Shelia talks about here. I think she articulated things so well.  : )

Here is a little snip it from her article: "When we worry about circumstances, we become slaves to this life. When we concentrate on God, we actually become free. So stop praying for your own safety and happiness and well-being, and pray for your heart. Of course, there's nothing wrong with asking God for safety at times, but if this is the predominant prayer, you have a problem. Your soul is worth so much more; ask God to nourish it this weekend!"

Please read all of it!! Click HERE!

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jennifer said...

great blog holly :) i lost you on face book can youi re add me if you want to :)