Sunday, June 07, 2009


Definition of foreshadowing: "a technique used by authors to provide clues for the reader to be able to predict what might occur later in the story. In other words, it is a literary device in which an author drops hints about the plot and what may come in the near future or, in other words, the plot developments to come later in the story."

Well, it so happens that God had me write a little foreshadowing on my Blog post a few days ago. When I said: "Being paid to garden...gotta love that!", literally a few hours later I got a phone call. The phone call was a job offer to garden part time, starting Monday. ~A friend of mine has a little business and has been incredibly now I will assist her. I am thrilled! 

Neadless to say, I am feeling blessed and favored! Thankful to my God and thinking that He must have laughed to Himself when I wrote about gardening just hours before getting that phone call! :)


Jen said...

Congrats Holly, I hope you have a blast and am so happy to see the favor of God made manifest in your life this way...Awesome!

The Hippie Moose said...

COOL! I can't think of a better gardener for the job!

Amy said...

This is a perfect job for you!! WOW!

Patty said...


I am so excited & happy for you! Everything you touch grows, plus you are a sweetie, so I know they will all love you.


redeemed diva said...

Hi Holly, Congrats on the job!
I just finished reading a three-book series by author Patti Hill and the main character is a woman who runs a gardening business, and I kept picturing that she looked like you!! And now you have this job that you are so perfectly suited for. Looking forward to hear details about it on the blog!