Monday, June 15, 2009

Quote worthy

"God is radical in His Mercy and compassion. He has Grace when He sees repentance."

Dave Botting


Anonymous said...

I thought His grace and mercy were unconditional. This seems like Dave is saying that God's grace is connected to "if we repent, He'll show us grace". That's not how the Bible presents it...the Bible indicates that the very nature of grace is the face that it's undeserved....and as the song says, "Greater than all our sin".

Shaun and Holly said...

Awesome awesome article:
I quote:
"Have you ever been granted grace by a policeman, for example, who pulled you over for speeding, but who let you off without giving you a ticket? That was grace. But what would have happened if you had thanked him, spun your tires, and took off speeding down the highway singing “Amazing Grace?” You would have quickly discovered that policeman's grace was not only amazing, but also very limited!

Let's go back to the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery. It's important we see that Jesus did nothing for the adulterous woman that He isn't currently doing for every person living on our planet. Everyone has been “caught in the act” by Jesus, and He is extending the same temporary grace to everyone that He did to her. The Law demands death for our sin, but Jesus mercifully allows us time and opportunity to repent. Once we exhaust that allotted time, our “grace period” is over. If, however, we repent during that grace period, Jesus graciously forgives all our sins and causes us to be born again. From that point on we can always declare that we have been “saved by grace,” and can never rightfully boast that we have been “saved by our works,” even if we never sin again."

Anonymous said...

-Should we continue to sin so that Grace may abound? No freakin' way! ( I paraphrase) :)