Friday, August 07, 2009

Cleaning up and Looking Forward to the Kid's Return

I spent the day cleaning up the kids rooms. One was pretty easy to do. One was NOT! Many bags of recycling (so much paper!), a few small bags of garbage and 3 bins out to the garage for "safe keeping". I don't want to get rid of anyones "treasures" so they will stay in the garage for a bit. After we see that these things are no longer missed: time to find them another home! : ) 

Here are the pictures of the kid's clean rooms. The last picture of of the mess that I made sorting in our Kitchen. I still have to deal with it! Ah well...We are looking forward to picking up the kid's tomorrow. Praying for nice weather so we can all enjoy the Rodeo. 


Jen said...

The rooms look great, now how long will they stay that way?
Have fun at the rodeo...let me know if the staff still Barrel Races.

Patty said...

Can you come & help me with my room?