Saturday, August 29, 2009

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Ashlyn and Caelan!!!

2 years ago my cousin Marsalie and Johnny had their twins. They came VERY ( 3 months, to be exact) early and both little ones needed a miracle. The Dr's reports were not always encouraging. I am soooooooo pleased to say that these 2 have come oh, so very far. Well done little ones!! (And well done Mars and Johnny!) 

I am posting a pic of Ashlyn as a new born. Also a picture of both the kids that was taken recently, along with their big sister, Shaylah. Thank God with me friends and lets keep praying for these beauties! 


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday!
Holly what little blessings. said...

Thank you for the wonderful post Holly! God truely answered our prayers with these little ones and we are so thankful.