Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Beautiful Unique Girl

Had a wonderful night at the BUG night. Many, many awesome truths impressed on our young girls in 4 hours. Did you know that when you were in your momma's womb and only the size of a little jelly bean that you had a unique set of fingerprints?


The girls were taught to recognize lies of the world (you are fat, ugly, etc) for the lies that they are. The lies are garbage that will stink up your life. The girls were given practical ways how to deal with the lies, throw it out (where garbage belongs) and to cling on to the truth. The truth being that they were created for a purpose and when God created them, He thought that He did a mighty fine job and announced: This is VERY GOOD! :) So, when their minds re-play the garbage and lies of the world, they can remind themselves that it's trash and redirect their thoughts to the truth: that they were created with purpose and that the creator himself is very pleased with their beauty and uniqueness.

I plan on taking a pic of our dear daughter wearing a BUG t-shirt with her newly polished nails. She loved her evening...the only disappointment (ha) for her was that she didn't get to dunk her head in the chocolate fountain and drink out of it! lol lol


Jen said...

AWESOME messages! So glad you both had a blast too!

Maureen said...

I agree with Jen Awsome messages.
looking forward to the pictures.

Tamatha said...

I gotta tell ya...I would be a bit upset over the fountain thing too!LOL!:o)