Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good bye Facebook

Facebook and I broke up today. In all fairness it isn't FB's fault. I have an addictive personality and was spending too much time on FB. So, I said goodbye. I think I will take a month or two break and see if I can be a "moderate FB user".


Maureen said...

You won't regret it.
The true art of conversation has gone by the wayside with FB Twitter
Texting etc.
If it makes you feel better I would rather give you a hug when I see you then send you one.
God really spoke to my heart about this and His message was Get Back to the Basics
Now I write actual letters to my friends or call them.

Cyndi said...

Dear Holly: I just want you to know I will never forget you. I hope someday we can be more than "just friends".

Love Facebook

A classic obsessive response!

Amy said...

I must admit, I will miss you on FB Hol.
I await your return.

Williams Family Blog said...

I too will miss you on FB. Though I must say Kudos to you for trying to get a handle on your "addiction"

Shari said...

May I suggest having a cup or two... or three or four to help ease the pain?! Just Kidding!

The Hippie Moose said...

Dave tried is about an inch away from closing his down too.

Shaun and Holly said...

I have "left" facebook before, closing down my account. But returned and then took off 70 or so friends. Especially my local friends, since they can call me, come see me, etc.

A bunch of us meet weekly to talk, worship, pray and we have been talking about "taking a break" from the thing(s) that distract us. Hence me taking a FB break for a month or two.

Shaun and the kids are happy that I am taking a break from it, so I guess that shows you that I was definitely on it too much!!

Honestly, I love facebook for "connecting" me with my beloved friends from a Summercamp that I worked at in my Teenaged years as well as my relatives that live in BC. I kind of have a love hate relationship with facebook. Anyway, for now...we are taking a break! lol


redeemed diva said...

Well Holly. I think you know how I feel about the infestation and the pandemic known as H1FacebookN1 that has stolen the lives of thousands of smart people. I say: Good for you!
Just a heads up--if you are looking to actually shut it down, I recommend that you first delete all your photos, info, etc. If you hit the delete button without actually deleting your info first, Facebook actually does not get rid of your personal info, etc. They hold onto it .
Then you go through a couple of weeks of emails where they beg you to come back before you are finally free. My husband just made the BRILLIANT decision to get off FB a week ago and he sent a week researching how to actually get off. Just a tip if you decide to go completely off.

Tamatha said...

Actually....facebook owns the rights to all pictures that you post on even if you delete them off of your account...they can still have them. Wierd but's in the fine print...when we join it.